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    Thx for every one on this website. It’s amazing how many people have joined and are giving good advise. In fact I want to thank everyone who encouraged me after I got the test results. I got another letter from the PEBC, My ranking is on the top 25% WHO FAILED. I am happy to be at least on the TOP even if it meant failing but sounds nearer to the passing score. So I am back to try again. When? I am not sure!

    My advise to those who are appearing the first time:
    1. Everything is important that is taught to the canadian graduates at school. Try to find what that is.

    2. working is important to get the experience and answer many of the questions from the pharmacy management part.

    3. Don’t just keep taking chances to do the exam. Prepare well because you have ONLY 3 chances.

    4. CPR is known to contain most of the stuff but I found it stood very poorly for the pharmacy practice part and is also a very boring book but the most comprehensive one.

    5. The key is to UNDERSTAND the concepts not to remember them by heart.

    Best of Luck to all who will appear for the exams.

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    Thanks for sharing

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