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    Hi guys
    would like to tell u my experience for ee exam
    i passed & i am happy but would like to say few words

    stick to basics
    study basics of pharmacy what is pharmacy and and study the most imp disease like asthma diabetes hypertension etc
    and for calculation there r few books u can go through and one more i forgot the name of the boook its give on reference book for pebc so calculation is over
    now kinetics
    u guys study the normal question like why ia aus c max t max and there use etc
    and different laws for dissolution etc
    and for management i really don’t know what to study so sorry for that cant help u guys and i think for patient counseling there is one book patient self care will be good
    and know the commenest adverse effects of drugs,monan book was very helpful for me book has given name of the drugs means photosensitive causing drugs etc.
    and as u all know there r few drugs which should be taken in morning or evening with food or without food
    i think that will be enough to pass the exam
    and all the best to u all
    god bless u

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    Thanks for sharing

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