Just a Break from tooning ..


at first when i started working on Phartoonz , i decided not to post anything but toons about Pharmacology

But i was encouraged by someone i respect we call him Dr. mt to change my posting routine ,

i guess it’s Ok to post differently for a change every once in a while ,

ummm …

 This Post is not about medicine or pharmacology ..

– Dont worry i still have plenty of ideas and toons and i’m not planning to retire Yet ! –

you know … when we were children , some times we stand in front of a tree

then , we make marks on the tree that refer to our height  .. then get back after a year or so to find the mark corresponding to our nose not above our heads as we have drawn it !!

thats exactly what i am doing right now ^_^

this post acts as a mark on the size of phartoonz and the experience of me ,

hopefuly after a while i’ll look back and find that i and Phartoonz have grown up a little bit ..

This is my first Blogging experience , i am still trying to figure out how things work and so on ..


something i learned in my life is that the joy of giving and helping others makes the greatest happiness on earth

i discovered when i was a child that feeding a cat or a bird makes me much more happier than eating ice-cream !

and by getting older … i realized that i am happy the most when i can help others

and the best way to offer help to others is to try to releive their pain

so i decided to become a member in the medical field …

i am still a student not an official pharmacist yet … But i work on my uncle’s pharmacy at summer and i cant wait to graduate to start taking full shifts on my own

Phartoonz was created for the same goal , to help others , but this time mainly students and medical field members 

as i wrote previously in the introductory page ” Phartoonz ” ( if you havent seen it please , look up and check it out ) , Our goal is to provide correct liable information in an easily memorized way , usually funny or weired so you dont forget it easily But still acurate and always assured with information sources and references .

also know that Most info i try to focus on are important in practical work not just theoritically … and the more we learn the more we can offer help to others

Plus + i have fun doing them because i like both Pharmacology & Drawing , and definitly i am helping my self memorize information to get nice grades too .

i am thinking of trying to take Dr. mt’s advice and creat Posts with new looks other than just toons ,

 i’ll try including vedios , brief information from recently published researches … and of course my Pharmacology courses at college .

and i’ll be very happy to recieve any request about a certain topic that needs further illustration or you think is important and i didnt talk about … etc

sharing Toons here wih us would be Lovely ^_^



i apologize for taking long time to post new stuff ,

i wish the day can expand for some extra hours

being a girl doesnt give me much spare time after i am done with studying or working on the pharmacy ,

Dishes , Laundry and Dust never come to an end > <

 which sometimes can be very annoying ….. but i try to get over that feeling by focusing on the fact that ” i am Helping ”  : )



OoOooOoh !

i’ve just noticed something wierd about my writing attitude !!

whenever i think of what to say next , i always add points ( … ) !

so …. ( yeah right i’m thinking now ! ) … , whenever you see points included randomly in my posts,  know that i am thinking what to say next ^_^’


ok my Dear little Phartoonz that’s your first mark .. i pray you grow up healthy and strong ,

 and i’ll enjoy every single moment of helping you achieve that ,



God bless you all ,


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