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Stabilized Liquid Oxygen Supplements .. ” Drops of fresh air ! ”


One of the essential elements for human existence

( + being my favourite gas element in chemistry 😎 )

Some consider this element as ” Vitamin O ” and claim it could treat or prevent serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and lung disease by enriching the bloodstream with supplemental oxygen .

This post is not concerned with easily memorized toons and hints about pharmacology ,

You can consider it as a brief story of Oxygen oral Drops which some consider as nutritional supplements

but i couldnt resist making a toon first :blush: ! –

1- Ingredients and manufacturing :

Two types of products have been introduced to the market , especially Online shopping :

Type (1) contains Salt water and alittle bit germanium,

It was firstly created and manufactured In the late 90’s by a company called Rose Creek  ,

the company was Charged by the FTC and required to stop making claims that this particular product ” so called Vitamin O ” had any type of health benefit because nothing could actually be proven on it .

and Type (2) Vitamin O product consists of salt water and ” stabilized ” or ” aerobic ” oxygen.

2- Uses :

There are tons of such products on internet pages ,

Beside prevention and treatment of serious diseases like Cancer , some products advertise additional uses , for example  :

– adding some drops of the product to drinking water to Purify it .

– washing vegetables and fruits with the product to keep it fresh for longer time upon storage .

– also some claim that a couple of drops could be added topically on wounds to inhance the healing process & on insect bites to relieve stinging and itching .

– regulates metabolism & aids digestion

– sharpens concentration and memory

–  relaxes nervous system and Promotes deep sleeping

and the list iust Keeps going on and on … !

There is No scientific evidence that using or drinking these products would  have any health benefits and actually There really isn’t such a thing as ” Vitamin O ” ..

3- False claims attacked by FTC :

In the Vitamin O advertising , they claim that “oxygen deficiency” or “oxygen starvation” is a big cause of disease and that the oxygen content of the earth’s atmosphere has been decreasing and junk food does not contain enough oxygen !!

These claims are not accepted for several reasons ,

-There is no evidence that these products actually deliver oxygen to the body .

It is possible to use an electric current to add a tiny amount of oxygen to water, but to get it into the blood stream , a human would need gills or turn into a mermaid or something !

as Oxygen enters the bloodstream through the lungs Not the GIT .. and The body adapts to what it needs by changing its breathing rate.

– The oxygen content of air is not changing and remains constant at 21% regardless of the weather.

– If enough oxygen is available to sustain life, the body will extract what it needs from the air and deliver it to the cells , and the rest returns to the lungs to be exhaled out of the body.

4-Percautions and Interactions :

–  Vitamin O products are theoritically safe .. But there aren’t enough clinical trials to prove it .

–  since sodium chloride (salt) is present ; patients with high blood pressure should be aware .

– used cautiously in case taking blood pressure-lowering agents due to possible additive effects.

– As most drugs and supplements , It’s not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women

5-  in Practice :

while working in the pharmacy i found one liquid oxygen supplement called Aquagen ..

it’s sometimes prescriped by doctors for eldery people … i saw it on prescriptions with my own eyes !

when i gave it a look , i found it consists of Sodium chloride salt ” NaCl ” and Oxygen molecules are bound to the salt particles by weak bonds ” van der Waals forces ” .

Optimum dose is 15-20 drops in a glass of water 3 times Daily .

much steering , metal spoons and cups should be avoided.

Aquagen is new but i dont know whether it is really effective or not :ermm: .. i asked some doctors & they told me that it’s effect is mostly phscological for patients who feel better and calm when they take medications ” placebo effect”

if anyone has more information , please enlight me :happy:


References :

– US Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) official web site

– Christine Marquette, registered and licensed dietitian with Marquette Nutrition and Fitness & ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist .

Hint : the source of the last paragraph is my uncle’s Pharmacy ^_^’

Oxygen is an integral part of human existence. Some have dubbed this element as “Vitamin O,” even though it is not a true vitamin. Proponents of Vitamin O claim that disease occurs because the body is lacking in oxygen. Therefore, by ingesting oxygen through Vitamin O supplements, these ailments can be reversed.
There appears to be two types of Vitamin O products on the market. The first is an expensive health supplement that is composed largely of salt water and “stabilized” or “aerobic” oxygen. Companies, such as RGarden, marketed Vitamin O (without germanium) claiming that it could cure or prevent serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and lung disease, and when taken orally, enrich the bloodstream with supplemental oxygen. These claims were never substantiated with scientific evidence; however, numerous testimonials mention the effects of Vitamin O on a variety of conditions.
The second Vitamin O product contains germanium, which when synthetically derived may be nontoxic and safe at high doses. For more information about germanium-containing therapies, please see Natural Standard’s monograph on germanium.
There is no scientific evidence currently available regarding the effectiveness of Vitamin O or the benefit of ingesting stabilized or aerobic oxygen.
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