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How to wear sterile Gloves

Touching your patients with your hands provides comfort and creates a friendly mood , especially for children and eldery  ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Gloves should always be worn if there is a possible chance to get in contact with :

– blood –

– body fluids –

– excretions such as urine or feces –

– Mucous membranes as the mouth or genital areas –

– Non intact skin –

Non sterile gloves can be worn easily like any regular glove ,

No special technique is needed , just make sure you clean your hands properly before wearing them .

sterile gloves are a little bit tricky , because touching their outside with your bare hands ( even if they are clean ) will contaminate them.

While putting on sterile gloves, remember that the first glove should be picked up by the cuff only.

The second glove should then be touched only by the other worn sterile glove.

Steps for wearing sterile gloves :

1- Do a sterile scrub for your hands and forearms using a scrub brush before putting on the gloves .

2- Place the sterile gloves on a clean dry surface so that the cuffed end of the gloves are facing towards you and open the glove package .

3- Grab the glove by the folded back cuff ( that will be to the inside once it is on your hand ) .

4- Slip your other hand into the glove while keeping your fingers & the glove pointed downward ( this keeps the finger holes open so it’s easier for your hand to fit inside properly & firmly ) .

5- Pick up the second glove with your gloved hand. You can do this by sliding your fingertips under the cuff of the second glove that will be on the outside of the glove once it’s on your hand .

6- Slide your ungloved hand into the glove , Wiggle your fingers into the correct holes until the gloves fit comfortably


for a live gloving tutorial , check out this video :


Did you know :

till late in the 19th century, most surgeons operated with their bare hands.

A few doctors tried cotton or silk gloves but they proved impractical and impossible to sterilize.

The first surgeon to advocate the use of gloves that could be effectively sterilized was Werner Zoege von Manteuffel.

in 1897 , He published an article on using boiled sterilized rubber surgical gloves to protect patients undergoing surgery from infection.


Finally , here is a funny trick that you can do :

Blow your glove … it looks much cooler than balloons :happy:

Hint : make sure your boss doesn’t catch you doing this unless he is as crazy as you ๐Ÿ˜€ !

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