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How to Safely Remove Exam Gloves



proper & correct use of disposable gloves helps prevent the spread of infection and protects both the care giver and the patient


Steps for removing the gloves safely


1- Choose which glove you desire to remove first .


2- carefully without allowing the finger tips to touch your bare skin , pull the glove’s cuff away from the palm and toward the fingers, so it will be removed inside out .


3-  make a ball of the removed glove with the fingers of the opposite gloved hand & Hold on to it .


4-  carefully slide your bare fingers inside the wrist band of the gloved hand , avoid touching the outside of the glove because that is the contaminated region .


5- Gently remove the glove inside out  by Pulling the glove down so that the first glove ends up inside the second glove & nothing of the outside glove surface is exposed .


6- Throw away the gloves in the appropriate container .


7- Wash your hands with hot water and anti bacterial soap for a min , Dry your hands using a clean towel then rub a few drops of hand sanitizer .



Here is a nice vedio that can help 🙂  :

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