Exams time ..

Mid term exams arrived . . . the worst thing about college is having to go through lots of exams and sheets  :ermm:

for me , i like reading and find many pharmaceutical and medical subjects interesting and create many mnemonics to make studying them easier

Maybe i’ll make a post about studying tips one day  . . . :whistle:

i try to follow up with My doctors lecture by lecture

But , if a subject contains much chemistry i usually never even try to touch it until it’s exam time :dizzy:

this term .. i have two courses that include extra chemistry :

Biochemistry 2

Phytochemisrty 2

these subjects needs alot of effort for memorizing structures , cycles , reagents , reactions , … YUK  :sick: !

i try to look on positive sides and focus on how important it is for me to learn well and so on ..

but still i find them very boring to study and i become very lazy when i plan to read about them and end up acumilating more and more bulky chemical lectures till exam is tomorrow ..

for this reason , little Phartoonz is going to take a break until i finish my exams

i will miss writing here alot .. :unsure:

Hopefully when exams are over i’ll start making new toons & medical mnemonics again

My books are waiting ..

pray for me 🙂



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All the best at your exams 🙂

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