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10 tips | How to take care of Your Hair :)


10 tips to take care of your hair

Caring for one’s hair becomes more simple when we learn more about!

10 basic tips for a better Hair care

1- Eat healthy food

being in a Healthy condition affects both the inside and outside of the body , the same nutritious foods that are good for your health promote stronger & healthier hair.

Fish ” especially salmon “ and nuts are rich in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids which make our hair & scalp healthier .

Nutrients found in fresh leafy green vegetables, beans, and carrots are also good for your hair.



2 – Balanced Diet

Paying attention to what you introduce into your body is very important , but Be careful while planning for a weight loss diet as deficiency of some nutrients such as zinc, biotin, or protein can lead to brittle hair or hair loss

the most common cause of hair loss in teens is Harsh diets .. so please, remember it’s called Weight loss diet NOT Starvation .. you want to drop down some pounds not hair right  🙂 ?!



3- Relax

Yeah ! … take a yoga class or even hug a pillow while breathing deeply  , when you relax your hair relax with you :happy:

stress can increase the amount hair loss and wrinkles too !


4- Shower with warm water

i love Hot steamy water i can stay under it for hours without getting tired or bored .. But unfortunately it’s not good to do that :ermm:

introducing Hot water to your head would wash off the natural protective oils of the hair which are secreted by the scalp ” called sebum “

this causes your hair to be very dry and more likely to be brittle ,

but this doesn’t mean you have to suffer and use cold water ,in fact .. cold water makes the shampoo more viscous and harder to wash off ,

Dermatologists recommend Lukewarm water ” about 38 C ”  as a perfect temperature for washing hair .



5- Wash , Massage , . . then Wash Wash Wash !

Do not apply shampoo on your dry hair , wash your head first with warm water , then apply some shampoo and massage it through your hair , it should be foamy by that time ..

then wash it very very good .. leaving shampoo traces in your hair after the shower can make your hair dry and brittle

if you have long hair , make sure you get enough water to all your hair from tips to follicles ,

here is a nice technique that could help 🙂 :

wash normally while being in upright position , then look down and hold your hair up with one hand allowing the shower water to flow from the back of your head and massage gently with your other hand

after that , bend your hair to the right and wash thoroughly with water then repeat on the left side ” don’t bend your neck and head to the sides or water will run inside your ears >> >> not cool :blink: “

Now leave your hair down and massage again with both of your hands .. and you’re done :happy:



1- Eat healthy food

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thanks dear BoNbOoNa 🙂

Dina El- Shishtawy

likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂


wonderful :heart: ,BoNbOoNa


Gr8 Topic omnia Keep It up 😉
“Good Laugh :P”
Regards ,
Menna ,Mona

Very interesting entry, I look forward to the next! Thx for share


thanks for everything great here.


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