General Physiology

Metabolism ( Anabolism ↔ Catabolism )

What is Metabolism ?!

it’s a series of different chemical reactions and pathways that occur in all living organisms ,

each step transfers one chemical substance to another by the help of Enzymes

Metabolism is classified into 2 Major pathways :

Anabolism & Catabolism

– Anabolism –

ana = upward . . . . ballein = to throw

i dont know what does this actually mean :blush: … But i guess maybe when we throw things on each other they get bigger and bigger so we have to throw higher ” UP ” to reach the target !

Mmmm … like throwing stones in a certain area to build a mountain or so … maybe !

any ways ^_^ !

Anabolism means the chemical reactions that construct & build different compounds from smaller molecules


– Catabolism –

in Greek , kata = downward . . . . ballein = to throw

Here ….. maybe we are standing on the top that mountain and just throwing some stones to the ground ” Down ”  :wink: !

Catabolism means degradation and breakdown on different compounds into simpler smaller molecules






Here is a simple mnemonic to remember what those 2 pathways mean :happy:


Anabolism = Building

Catabolism = Degradation


as you can see .. Anabolism & Catabolism are the opposite of each other

in all healthy creatures .. there is a Balance between Anabolic & Catabolic pathways


Source :

Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry 4th edition

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