General Physiology

Antibodies ↔ complement system >> the Body cookers !

When evil bacteria enters the human body , different types of Macrophages start attacking them and try to eat as much bacteria as possible to prevent , decrease or eliminate the infection .

Unfortunately , it’s a hard process because Bacterial cell membrane carry a -VE charge & also our Phages carry a -VE  one

so .. there is a kind of repulsion force between our immune cells and the evil bacteria :ermm:

The good thing is , Our immune system prepares other mechanisms to help in this repulsion situation ..

How  :whistle: ?

Firstly , Immunoglobulins ( Also known as antibodies ) & The complement system are degraded into certain small fragments

these fragments get attached on the surface of the bacteria ..

Luckily , Antibody’s and complement’s fragments carry +VE charges , so the neutralize the bacteria :smile:

Now Evil bacteria are cooked up & the repulsion between them & our immune system is over .. so , macrophages can attack and eat the bacteria smoothly :cool:

[tip] The process of neutralizing the bacterial -VE charges on the bacteria to make it fixed and easily phagocytosed by macrophages is called  ” Opsonization [/tip]


References :

– ” Human Physiology : From Cells to Systems ” ,  By Lauralee Sherwood

– ” Lectures in principles of pharmacology ” , text book by department of Phamacology & toxicology in my Faculty

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