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“Hepatitis A” & “Hepatitis E” are Never ” C ” !

Viral hepatitis:

Viral hepatitis is caused by many different types of viruses “such as : A , B , C , D, E “

Here is a Toon that can help you on how to remember some of the differences between the types of Hepatitis 🙂

Mmmmm … today we focus on Hepatitis A & E


Hepatitis A - Hepatitis E - Chronic - Cancer - Cirrhosis - Carrier


Here in Our toon 🙂 ….  we have Mr A & Miss E >>>” referring to hepatitis A & E

they are holding a Sign saying ” No C ”  … and they make number 4 with the fingers of their free hands.

this means 😉 we have 4 “C”s that aren’t seen with Hepatits A & E :

No-sign-Motion-Graphics-Element1 Chronic :

Hepatitis A & E are always present as acute attacks , they are Never chronic diseases.


No-sign-Motion-Graphics-Element2 Cirrhosis :

Hepatitis A & E don’t cause Cirrhosis .


No-sign-Motion-Graphics-Element3 Carriers of the disease :

there are no Carriers for Hepatitis A & E ….patients have symptoms which are mainly mild or sever only 🙂


No-sign-Motion-Graphics-Element4 Cancer of the liver :

Hepatitis A & E don’t lead to the development of cancer.

this is logic as they are not Chronic diseases & have no carriers, so the viruses don’t stay for long inside the body to develop cancer. In addition, hepatitis A & E don’t cause Liver cirrhosis. 🙂


To sum up  , remember :whistle:

Cancer , Carrier , Cirrhosis & Chronic … all 4C“s are never associated with Hepatits A & E



References :


– Dr. Monir : Deputy manager of Internal medicine depatment in the academic hospital , Mansoura- Egypt .

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Good job. I am always proud of you.
Please, try to keep it up. You make us happy to learn something difficult as you always make it easy.
Thanks so much 🙂

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