Osmolality Wings ^^ !


osmolality - osmolarity - osmosis - serum - blood - sodium - BUN - glucose


Blood osmolality is kept under control by three substances  :smile: ,

two of them are mentioned in our Toon :angel:

as you can see up there  :whistle: ,we have a blood vessel that is full blood & life :happy: … and Yes it flying like a bird smiley-vault-misc-132!!… notice that 2 wings are spraying 2 white magical substances  :happy: …both of them are important in maintaing the blood osmolality :smile: ;


1-Sugar ( referring to Glucose :wink: ) & 2- Salt ( referring to sodium :wink: )

just like a bird needs to balance on two wings to fly normally animals-24 … Our body also needs to balance on normal sodium & glucose concentrations in order to maintain it’s optimum osmolality mood-emoticon-0118


Q: what about the third substance :whistle: ?

Answer: No.3 is Urea “BUN” :smile: , It’s also important for balancing the osmolality of Our blood :smile:




The blood osmolality identifies how much blood urea nitrogen, glucose, and sodium are dissolved in Our serum


Salaaam :)) smiley-vault-misc-093






References :

– Osmolalilty calculator :

– Medline plus

– Pediatric classes in Mansoura Academic hospital


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I am always proud of you ……..

great job as usual ………..

nice to see the beautiful image when the art is mixed with science.

Thanks and keep it up …….. excellent

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