TNM staging system :)

TNM staging system is used to determine the stage of cancer in patients ..

I hope this toon would help you in memorizing the definition of the TNM staging system :smile:



we have 3 Olympic champions here  :cool: ,… each of them will help us identify the uderlying meaning of TNM

* T :

Mr. Large Tummy  :cool: .. he always wins in eating contests because of His large tummy

ummm let’s consider ” Tummy ” as a nick name for ” Tumor ” :silly:

and since the eating contest depend on how large Our tummy is ..then it’s all a matter of ” size

So … we can conclude that the T refers to Large\small Tummy >>> which scientifically mean “ Tumor size :wink:

* N :

Mr. Node jumper :cool:  … you can see in the toon he is running & jumping over blocks of Lymph nodes

so … N refers to Lymph Nodes


* M

:cool: The Twins :cool: , .. they are tied to each other with red rope

although the twin girls are tied together , still they can run together and split into different tracks too :cheerful:

red ropered branching track … rings any bells :whistle: ?


YES thats right :cheerful:

red blood :smile: …. tumors can be detached from their origin and swim with the blood flow and then settle down in other tissues

this process is called metastasis

So … M refers to Metastasis >>>always remember the bloody red rope & track and how the twins run in different tracks ( just like a spreading tumor :wink: )



to sum up :happy:


TNM is a staging system used to determine the prognosis , treatment & stage of Cancer

T = Tumor size

N = Nodes ( affected lymph nodes )

M = Metastasis






References :

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)

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