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The Ebola Virus “Infographic”

The name Ebola taken from a river called Ebola in Africa, The current outbreak of the virus in 2014 is the largest and the most fatal outbreak since the Ebola virus was discovered. “Stated By WHO”.


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  1. The disease is fatal and known as “Ebola hemorrhagic fever” , 40-50% of cases suffer from bleeding.
  2. The disease outbreaks in Africa mainly and its fatality rate ranged from 25% up to 90%.
  3. There is no any vaccination for the Ebola virus however many companies work to produce a treatment procedure for the disease.
  4. Early diagnosis , supportive treatment and re-hyderation improve the survival rate.
  5. Incubation period is ranged from 2-21 days.


Where it came from “The reservoirs” :


Fruit bats and non-human primates are mainly the hosts of the Ebola virus , however scientists say that the Ebola virus was able to mutate and adapted with human bodies.


The Outbreak in Africa and Death reports as of 14/1/2015 :

8,429 Death.

  • 3,538 Liberia
  • 3,062 Sierra Leone
  • 1,814 Guinea
  • 8 Nigeria


How does Ebola virus attack your body cells : (4-steps)


Ebola attacks body cells


 Signs and Symptoms :

  • Fever.
  • Bleeding.
  • Skin rash.
  • Muscles and Joints pain.
  • Vomiting with blood.
  • Diarrhea with blood.

How to protect yourself from Ebola :

  • Be careful from any bodily fluids of any person with Ebola or at Risk of Ebola as it easily transmitted through saliva, blood, sweat, ..etc
  • Don’t travel to the places where Ebola virus outbreaks.
  • Maintaining good hygiene.
  • Wear protective clothing like masks and gloves.



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