7 Facts you may not know about your HEART

 your HEART is not only a PUMP !


Your HEART is divided into four chambers , left and right atria on the upper part and left and right ventricles on the lower part.


1. Supply your body with oxygen!

Your heart pumps the oxygenated blood to the body oxygentoandinand the de-oxygenated blood to the lungs.

2. A strong PUMP :

At rest the heart pumps about 1/3 cup of blood around the body , at this rate the heart needs about 15 minutes to give you 4 full buckets of blood!Strong Pump

While at workout , the heart pumps about 6X the previous amount !

3. Beats  !

pulseHeart beats varies according to your age ,physical and emotional status.

So, here is how to read ECG basic common charts.

Heart Beats per minute (Bpm)
Fetus150 Bpm
Baby130 Bpm
Child100 Bpm
Adult70-90 Bpm
Elderly60 Bpm

4. Heart has VALVES produces the sound of the beat.

Your heart has  4 valves , the valve function is to allow the blood flow in one direction and prevent the back flow. Heart Valve

these four valves open or close depending on the pressure of the blood  around them. the sound of the beat is due to valves when open or close!

5. A working muscle.

muscleYour heart is a muscle , a muscle that never get tired , doesn’t stop unless you die!

As a muscle it needs foods which comes through the arteries.

6. Your life style determines your HEART health.

Eating junk foods ,  smoking and being over weight are the most common factors for junk food , overWheart disease.

unlike healthy food and workout are keeping your heart healthy.

Remember : its your heart , it beats for you , you should protect it :).

7. You may have a new heart !

The first heart transplantation done in South Africa by Christian bernard with a team of 30 doctors  on December 3, 1967. The patient lived about 18 days.Heart Transplantation

However nowadays many patients live for years with heart transplantation surgery!

Is your heart just a blood pump ?

NO !

Do you ever draw a heart for some one you love ?

I love u

If  Yes ,Then  there is a relation between your emotions and your :heart: , a connection related to the brain and the heart , positive emotions bring a healthy heart unlike stress and anxiety with other factors can lead to heart diseases.

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