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Calcium is your bones [Part 1]



is the most abundant mineral in the body ,  99% is present in your bones and teeth & the other 1% of calcium is in body fluids to perform important metabolic tasks.

Is it all about Calcium only ?

No , your body needs other minerals  and nutrients in order for Calcium to be absorbed and used properly, this including :

  • Magnesium.
  • Phosphorus.

And specially : Vitamin D & K.

Uses :

  1. Calcium helps built strong and dense bones.
  2. Helps heart, muscles , nerves & other body systems to work properly.
  3. Helps the blood vessels to move blood through out the body and release enzymes and hormones that affect every function in the human body.
  4. The best to prevent Oseteoprosis !

Where is Calcium ?

Calcium in MilkNatural sources include :

1. Milk ( your first ever food 😀 ) , yogurt & cheese.

2.Kale , broccoli & Chinese cabbage.

3. Fish with soft bones like sardines & salamon.

4. Most grains like bread & pastas.

Recommended Daily allowance :

AgeDaily Intake (mg/day)
Birth-6 Months210
6 Months- 1 year270
1-3 years500
4-8 years800
9-18 years1300
19-50 years1000
50-70 years1200
Over 651200
You can find the recommended daily allowance here (updated regularly)


Calcium Deficiency means Osteoporosis :


Weak bones

If your bones lose Calcium , they become weak & easy to broke, this is called Osteoporosis. The most characteristic and interesting part of this disease “Osteoporosis” is Silent. You don’t know unless you have a broken bones or you follow up with a bone density test.

The best way to get Calcium is through food, Although many food are fortified with calcium , some people may still need to take Calcium supplement.

As long as you age , it is important to take enough Calcium or if you :

  1. Postmenopausal woman.
  2. Consuming too much caffeine or soda.Soda
  3. Taking corticosteroid medications.
  4. having gastro-intestinal disease or malabsorption of calcium or disease like Crohn’s disease , Celiac disease or surgical intestinal resection.

Being on the daily allowance is the best as too much calcium can cause problems :

  1. Getting too much calcium can cause constipation.
  2. Interfere with body ability to absorb Iron & Zinc.
  3. Too much calcium supplements (NOT NATURAL) may lead to kidney stones. The safe upper limit of calcium has been established, Most people don’t get amounts above this limit from food alone , excess intake usually come from using calcium supplements.

To be continued …

Part 2 is here

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