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How to remove fish bones from your throat

Do you love eating fish ?!

Fish Bones

Fish is a healthy food , rich in Omega3 and delicious meal , but some people don’t like it because of the fine bones which may stuck in the throat while eating.

How to remove fish bone when stuck in your throat ?

Being careful from fish bones while you eating is the best way to prevent more than how to remove. If you have a bone in your throat you should stand in front of mirror , examine your throat , be sure there is no bleeding.

Don’t :

Don’t try to remove the bone by cough or physically using your hand !

1. The Banana Method :


bite a large piece of banana and just hold it in your mouth for a minute so it got moist , swallow the entire chunk without chewing it , dont forget to drink a cup of water after that.

2. Murchmello method  :

Full your mouth with murchmello


chew them for seconds then swallow.

3.Cooked Rice Ball :


 Swallow a small cooked rice ball this will help moving the bone from your throat.

vinegar4.Vinegar :

try some diluted vinegar this will help to make the bone  structure more soft then it will be easy to pass from your throat.

5. Water and Salt :

helps soften the bone watsalt

6. Coke :

Some may help you to remove it.cokeee


7. Olive oil :

Try to drink little amount of olive oil that will help you.

If nothing  no one works with or there is a bleeding , you should seek for  medical help like ENT doctor.

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