B receptors mnemonics

B receptors mnemonics

A phartoon to remember the major site of action for Beta receptors.


Beta receptors mnemonics

B1 receptors -> you have 1 heart.

B2 receptors -> you have 2 lungs.

Response upon activation :

Beta 1 receptors (B1-Receptors) :

  • Cardiac stimulation , producing chronotropy and inotropy effect.
  • Increase renin release

Beta 2 receptors (B2-Receptors ) :

  • Broncho-dilation.
  • Dilation of smooth muscles of blood vessels.
  • Uterine smooth muscle relaxation.

Beta 3 receptors (B3-Receptors) : 

  • breaks down the fats in your body (lypolysis) .
  • Thermogenesis a process of generating heat in your body.

So B3 Receptors Breaks your FATS (lypolysis) into HEAT (Thermogenesis) !?

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