Headache at a glance (types and management)


What is headache?

Headache is a pain in the head , this pain differs depending on the type of the headache!

Headache in numbers :


Types of Headache :

1. Tension Headache (the most common) :

Generalized constricting band like headache , the pain is varies from mild to moderate but some times it may be severe pain , some people feel painful squeeze or pressure on their head.

tension headacheTension headache may happen due to several reasons like bad posture , tension , anxiety , tiredness & if you don’t get enough food.

Tension headache is the most common type of headache, responsible for 78% of total headache. However as the pain ranged from mild to moderate the pain is self treated and doesn’t require doctor visit.

2. Migraine Headache :

94% of people who have episodes of headache have migraine , head migrainemore common in women than men , migraine pain is common in one side of the head it is a deep pain like a machine digging in your head and sometimes it turns like pulse pain.

As the episode increases in the severity , the patient needs the lights & sounds off , as the sound increases the pain severity increase.

3. Sinus Headache :

Almost 90% of people who have diagnosed with sinus pain headache actually have migraine headache.You can have this headache with acute sinus infection associated with colored drainage , fever and pain on the sinus area. sinus headache

4. Cluster Headache :

Rare affecting only 1/2 % of the population,  very severs pain usually around the eye and temple and lasts for 2 minutes to 2 hours in average.ClusH

Headache treatment :

1. Tension type headache : Analgesics  like Aspirin , Ibuprofen & Acetaminophen.

2. Migraine Headache :

  • OTC medications.
  • Prescription medication ( you must see a doctor ).
  • Rest in a quite and dark room.
  • Hot or cold compresses over your head and neck.
  • Massage.

3. Cluster Headache :

  • Preventative medications.
  • Acute medications.
  • Inhalation of 100 percent of Oxygen through a mask.

8 Easy steps at your home to manage headache :

  1. Relaxing and resting.
  2. Ice pack.
  3. Moderate exercise.
  4. Dietary supplements.
  5. Hydration ( drinking water).
  6. Gentle massage.
  7. Hot shower.
  8. Eating healthy diet “small meals”
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