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Chlorin e6 as eye drops allows night vision


Chlorin e6 (Ce6) improves night vision :

 Chlorin e6 (Ce6) has been used for treating cancer , it has light amplification properties. science for the masses produced an eye drops containing Ce6 , insulin & saline. The mixture has found to increase the night vision. The solution works with onset of one hour and its effect lasts for many hours.

Testing :

The user with Ce6 and other 4 controls ( without Ce6) have been taken for testing , there are 3 types of tests done :

  1. Symbol recognition by distance.
  2. Symbol recognition on varying background colours within fixed distance.
  3. Recognition of moving objects with different backgrounds and different distance.

Result :

The Ce6 user has identified all objects 100% , using a laser pointer to identify them compared to the control group ( NON Ce6) 33% .

The using of light amplification technique has many adverse events on the structure of the eyes , said by the paper author. So don’t try this at home  :ninja:

Why Insulin ?

The role of Insulin in the mixture facilitate the absorption of the Ce6 into the eye’s chamber.

The full paper PDF here.

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