Organelles of a cell

What are cell components?

Nucleus :

The core of the cell as it contains the genetic material and it directs the cell function through gene expressions.

Mitochondrion :

The main source of cell energy.

Endoplasmic reticulum:

Network of membranes through the cytoplasm, provides scaffolds for cellular activity and cell transport.

Ribosome : Responsible for protein synthesis.

Golgi apparatus : is the site of post-translational protein modification.

Lysosomes : breaks down organic components and structures.

Cell organelles

Peroxisome : Responsible for breaking down fatty acids.

Centriols : has a role in chromosome movement during mitosis.

Cell membrane : composed of lipid bilayer and the outer covering for the cell, responsible for regulating the uptake and release of bio-molecules as well as protecting the cell contents.

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