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Diseases of vitamins deficiency summarized

Diseases of vitamins deficiency

It is very important to call the disease name as long as you have been asked about a vitamin deficiency. This is a common and repeated question in pharmacy examinations.

For a quick comprehensive review on vitamins, click here.

Please look at the following table:

Vitamin Chemical NameIf deficient causes
Vitamin ARetinol or RetinalNight Blindness
Vitamin B1ThiamineBeriberi
Vitamin B2RiboflavinAriboflavinosis
Vitamin B3NiacinPellagra
Vitamin B5Pantothenic acidParesthesia
Vitamin B6PyridoxineAnemia
Vitamin B7BiotinDermatitis
Vitamin B9 & B12Folic acid & MethylcobalamineMegaloblastic Anemia
Vitamin CAscorbic AcidScurvy
Vitamin DCholecalciferolRickets disease
Vitamin ETocopherolLow infertility
Vitamin KPhylloquinoneBleeding disorder (Coagulopathy)


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