Difference between Gram +ve and Gram -ve stain mnemonics

Gram staining is a common method used to differentiate between two groups of bacteria depending on their different cell wall structure. To remember it .. mnemonics


LONG is related to gm -ve and PPT related to gm +ve


What is the difference then in the cell wall structure ?

Gram +ve VS gram -ve

Gram +ve

Gram –ve

Stain blue or purple

Stain red or rose pink

Techoic acid

Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in outer membrane

Peptidoglycan layer is thick

Peptidoglycan layer is thin

Exotoxin is a metabolic product

Endotoxin is a metabolic product

Exotoxin is thermolabile (heat sensitive) destroyed at a temperature over 60 oC

Endotoxin is more toxic than exotoxin, destroyed at higher temperatures.

Exotoxin is a high molecular weight protein.

Endotoxin a complex structure made up of phospholipid, polysaccharides and protein.

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