Ligaments VS Tendons

This is a quick tip on how to remember the difference between ligaments and tendons as well as the injuries of both like Sprain and Strain:

Ligaments VS Tendons

Liga is the popular Spanish league and all teams are from the same country (same type like bones) so Ligaments connect bone to bone. Therefore, Tendons connect muscles to bones.


Ligament VS Tendon
Ligaments VS Tendons

The same also is applied for the overstretching or tearing of Ligaments and Tendons.


How to remember Sprain VS Strain

Sprain (SP from Spain = Ligaments) is overstretching or tearing of Ligaments that connect two bones. Therefore, Strain is overstretching or tearing of tendons that connect muscles to bones.

Sprain VS Strain
Sprain VS Strain

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