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What’s up? Wuhan Coronavirus
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrom
First Reported December 2019 in Wuhan, China 2012 in Saudi Arabia 2002 in Southern China
How it started? Unconfirmed.
But most likely from touching/eating an infected animal.
Touching, eating the meat or drinking milk of infected camels. Believed to have started from bats which infected civets.
How it spreads? Through close contact between human to human. Limited transmission between humans through close contact. Transmitted mainly between humans through close contact.
Confirmed Cases 9831
(as of 31 January 2020)
(as of 30 November 2019)
Death Cases 213
(as of 31 January 2020)
858 774
Mortality rate 2.17% 34.4% 9.56%
Estimated losses on the economy China has extended S$13.2 billion to fight Wuhan Coronavirus S$3.53 billion in tourism loss for South Korea In six months, SARS cost the world S$54.3 billion

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COVID-19 Pandemic

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