Antibiotics Simplified

Studying antibiotics is not an easy job as the anti-infective era with a lot of antibiotic classes, different mechanism of actions, different coverage as well as different resistance patterns.

We have wrote many articles about antibiotics:

170 facts that should be known about Antibiotics

What are ESKAPE pathogens

How antibiotic resistance develops – infographs

and many more to come!

So, this book "Antibiotics Simplified" 3rd edition has the following:

  • Drug Class Reviews including various classes of antibacterial drugs and anti-fungal drugs.
  • This book will help students and nurses as well as pharmacists to learn the characteristics of antibiotics and why an antibiotic is useful for specific indication.
  • It is updated with new discovered antibiotics.
  • Easy to read and understand and it wasn't too terribly lengthy.
  • Mechanism of action, spectra of common pathogens, common/class unique adverse events and clinical pearls.