Thymus gland , The T-Cell Academy !


The thymus gland is a very important part of Our immune system 🙂

It is the place where T cells are produced and taught how to do their job efficiently , which is to defend the body against evil pathogens :devil:

Imagine the thymus gland as a School for little T- cells  :whistle: … Just like our toon here :happy:


T cells got their name ” T ” from the word ” Thymus” … as they are born in the Thymus gland .

little baby T cells need to learn a very important thing in order to graduate from the thymus gland and do their job perfectly 🙂

The Thymus gland teaches these young T cells how to recognize harmful substances & pathogens and differentiate between them and our normal body cells

Ok, now  🙂 .. how does the thymus gland teach the T cells to do that :wassat: ?

Lets take a look at the blackboard in our toon :whistle:

MHC : Major Histocombatibility Complex 🙂

it’s a protien complex that is found on the surface of all of our cells .

it’s Just like a fingerprint , Every single person has his own unique MHC ,

the thymus gland make the T-cells memorize our body’s unique MHC … so they can recognize our body cells as Normal cells “ self ” and so they don’t attack our own body tissues .

but , whenever a pathogen or a foreign substance enters our body , T cells can recognize it as a stranger “ Non self ” since it has a strange MHC on it’s surface .


[tip]T-cells that skip school & escape from the thymus gland without learning about MHC cannot indentify our normal body cells as self ,

so they mistakenly recognize our body tissues as strangers and attack them … this causes Autoimmune diseases[/tip]


finally , here is a cool vedio that would help if you’re studying MHC in depth 😎


more Toons about immunity that could help :happy: :

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Memorizing Immunoglobulins ” Types of antibodies ”

 Antibodies ↔ complement system >> the Body cookers !


References :

– Physiology lectures in our college – Mansoura university – Egypt

additional pics :



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I am very happy and proud of you …..
It is amazing work. please keep it up and dont stay long without providing us with these great information in an easy way.

Thanks soooooooooo much.


This is a great job. I am very proud of you.

Dont be that far and please try to provide us frequently with these great information in your easy way.

Thanks….. I am still learning from you.


keep on the excellent work

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