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Insulin Comparison Chart

Insulin NameWhen does it start working? (onset)When will the effect be the greatest? (peak)How long will it lower blood glucose?


Notes for UseCost estimate

Rapid Acting

Lispro (HumalogTM)<15 minutes0.5-3 hours*3-5 hoursIf mixing with NPH, rapid acting insulin should be drawn into syringe first. Mixture should be given immediately to avoid effects on peak action.$96 (10 ml vial)

$183 (5×3 ml pen cartridges)

Aspart (Novoloe)<15 minutes0.5-3 hours*3-5 hours0102 (10 ml vial)

$205 (5×3 ml pen cartridges)

Glulisine (Apidrem)<15 minutes0.5-3 hour*3-5 hoursS96 (10 ml vial)

S184 (5×3 nil pen cartridges

Short Acting

Regular (Novolin RTM or Humulin RTM)0.5-1 hour2-4 hours4-8 hoursMay be mixed with NPH in same syringe. Mixing order should be the clear regular drawn up first, then the cloudy NPH (ie “clear to cloudy”).S53 (10 ml vial Humulin or Novolin) 0121 (5×3 ml Novolin pen cartridges) S89 (5×3 eel Innolet cartridges)

Intermediate Acting

NPH (Novolin N,. or Humulin NTM)2-4 hours4-10 hours10-18 hoursAvailable as pen or in vial to be used with syringe.S52 (10 ml vial Humulin or Novolin) 0121 (5×3 ml pen cartridges) 091 (5×3 1111 Innolet cartridges)

Long Acting

Glargine (LantusTM)4-6 hoursSame action throughout the day24 hoursDo not mix with other insulin. Available as pen or in vial.

Duration (clinical trial data):

6 hrs (0.1 U/kg), 12 hrs (0.2 U/kg),20 hrs (0.4 U/kg), 23 hrs (0.8 U/kg and 1.6 U/kg)

S97 (10 ml vial)

0177 (5×3 ml Solostar pen cartridges)

Dctemir (LevcmirTM)2-3 hours6-8 hoursDose-dependent 5.7-23.2 hoursS95 (10 ml vial)

$182 (5×3 ml pen cartridges)


Humulin or Novolin 70/300.5-1 hour2-10 hours10-18 hours70% NPH +30% regular insulin. Insulin action includes 2 peaks (1 from each formulation).S54 (10 ml vial)

S135 (5×3 ml pen cartridges) S94 (5×3 ml lnnolet cartridges)

Novolog Mix 70/30 Humalog Mix 75/25 or 50/50<15 minutes1-2 hours10-18 hoursNovolog Mix:

aspen protarnine 70% + aspart 30% Humalog mix:

75/25=75% lispro protamine + 25% lispro

50/50=50% lispro protamine + 50% lispro

Insulin action includes 2 peaks (1 from each formulation).

Humalog Mix 75/25:

$102 (10 ml vial),

$174 (5×3 ml pen cartridges)


Insulin Chart (PDF format)

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