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IDweek 2017 Ideas Board – How IDs think


IDweek is one of the most popular events that carried out annually, at IDweek key infectious disease leaders and physicians with other interested partners meet and talk about infections. They are infection fighters or superbugs killers. One of the most funny images that has been circulated recently about a board where the ID or the event attendance share their ideas whether realistic, crazy or funny!

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IDweek Idea board

Here is some:

  • Clean Hands.
  • Make the Planet great again.
  • Clean Water in the Developing world.
  • We will build an antimicrobial wall, it will be so great, with the lowest MICs ever! believe me and the bacteria will pay for it.

Zone of Hope (ZoP)

So for any ID specialist or a microbiologist, I find this image is very interesting as the XDR is a nightmare infections that would deprive the sleep from the IDs.

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